September 17, 2018
My sincerest compliments to the staff at Bel-Air for the excellant care my wife received during her resite stay at Bel-Air in August.
Her visitors remarked at her aalterness and cleanliness while she was there. They also commented frequently at the attention and engagement the staff provided not only to her but also the other residents.
We were also very impressed by the cleaness of the facility and the lack of oders within the facility.
Finally, I appreciate thereasonable fees for such outstanding care. You guys really have a special place.
Thank you!
September 9, 2018
I was very pleased with my stay at Bel-Air. The caring, dedication and helpfulness of the staff was very beneficial in my ability to return home in such a short time.
I would also like to let you know that my family and visitors were greatly greatly impressed with Bel-Air: The facility, staff and atmosphere.
I will certainly recomend Bel-Air to anyone needing rehab services without reservations. I also want to thank the therapist for their concern, knowledge and encouragement.
Thank you all.Smile

December 15, 2017
To The Entire Staff-
A much heartfelt thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mother. AB during her brief stay. We were overwhelmed with you kindness, professionalizm, and genuine concern you bestowed on her. There are not enough kind wordsto tell you how greatful we feel  Each and everyone of your staff is responsible for her speedy recovery and care Thank you.
I now realize why you are a five star facility!!!
AB & Family 

October 7, 2016
As a patient my experience was top notch! and enjoyable!!
Making new friends was the best, and I will not hesitate recomending Bel-Air to friends.
Thank you!
July 24, 2015
Life begins with care takers, and end the same. During our life,, our journey takes us on so many avenue's that we lose sight and appreciation for the very things that give us our independence.  At some point, the elderly become just as dependent as they were as an infant. It is at that time, that the family comes to the harsh realization that their loved one will need the help from a nursing home or an assisted living facility to ensure the the quality of life they deserve-that unfortunately their family members simply cannot provide. For us, and I assume for most, making that decision was difficult. It involved guilt, saddness, and an emotional pursuit for a facility that we trusted enough to provide outstanding care for our loved one. Our family was truly blessed to have found that and more in Bel-Air Nursing and Rehab Center, for a man we all loved and adored: Walter. The staff of Bel-Air truly became an extension of our family, who we will always be forever grateful for.
Our Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Cousin and friend took his last breath in the early morning hours of July 20th , 2015.  As we mourn his passing, we also celebrte 81 years of his life and memories.  We reminisce on good times, dig out old photos, and last but not least, recall all who played an intricte part in his life.  This includes your facility and staff.  Walter enjoyed being part of your community, and as his extended family, you provided us with peace-of-mind knowing our loved one was safe, happy , and well cared for.  He loved "Happy Hour" every Wednesday, and whenever there was live entertainment.  He also enjoyed the Friday BBQ's, and was very appreciative to Andy for always giving him his "BIG" breakfast that had to include 6 pieces of toast and oatmeal along with whatever was on the menu.  He was comforted knowing that he was part of the Bel-Air family - a family that provided an unwavering commitment to his health, love and support for his mind and soul, patience and acceptance with his Dementia, and devotion and humanity from the staff.
A very special thank you to Toni, his nurse who even visited my Dad at the hospital daily during his last days.  We all feel she went way above and beyond.  Toni had such a calming effect on him.  She would sit and talk with him, and you could just see him relax.  We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the care this man received during his final stage of life.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!
As we say our final goodbyes to our loved one (for now), we also say goodbye to a community that became family.  To a facility that forever changed our minds and hearts on nursing homes and assisted living.  Please know we acknowledge and give you all the praise for a job that requires a high level of patience, understanding, love, commiment, knowledge, acceptance, devotion and humanity.  The elderly become family to you.  You walk them through what most would say, the most difficult times of ones life.  You mourn the loss of these people you become attached to, just the same as their blood family.  It takes strength both mentally and physically to do the job you do.
From our family to yours ... thank you for the outstanding care that you provided Walter until the very end.
All of our love,
the family of Walter P.
November 8, 2014
Dear Brian,
I am writing this to you to express my complete satisfaaction of Bel-Air Nursing & Rehab Center.               
The care which is given to my wife Marilyn and all of the other residedents is fantastic, and could not
be better. The ownership, the exective staff, the nures, and the rehab people and all the support staff is
just the greatest.
My compliments to each and everyone of you. It is no wonder why Bel-Air has a five star rating.
Thank you Sincerely, Wink
   August 28, 2016
To the Bel-Air Staff THANK YOU for all you did for my wife and I during her final days. You went above and beyond my expectations and for that I am extremly greatful. Everone I had contact with from the housekeeping staff right through the Administration were right there looking out for us anticipating our needs. Your compassion and caring attitudes were simply amazing and I could not have found a better place for her during the most difficult time in our lives.
With my deepest gratitude.
July 21, 2014
My mom had an unexpected emergency cardiac surgery and at nearly 80, we knew she would need a calm and caring facility with close attention from the PT Team if she was to return to her previous life.  Transferring her to Bel Air was the right decision.  The environment was calm and the staff struck the right balance of learning and supporting Mom's preferences and pushing her to participate when she'd rather not. 
Brian and the rest of the team were very accommodating of our family who visited Mom every day and I believe had questions and comments to be answered nearly as often.  I always felt the team was willing to take as much time with us as we needed to answer our questions and partner on a recovery plan.
Mom is back home and with a few adjustments, living her normal life again.  There was a question as to whether she'd regain enough strength to manage the stairs to her bedroom and I'm happy to say that with the care plan and PT she received at Bel Air, she is able to manage the stairs without issue.
Mom's happy to be home.  The one thing she does miss....the food!  Thanks to everyone for taking great care of my Mom.
Lynne H   Smile
June 2, 2014
I wanted to thank all of the wonderful staff and the nurse’s and especially Brian for making my stay a wonderful and compassionate stay. I had fears of nursing home ever my husband’s death but everyone here is so helpful and they are always there for you. The care I received was beyond their duties and they couldn't help me enough. Also the food is very good and always tasty to eat. The PT team works well with you and helps to go beyond my limits which showed me I can do it.

 My experience here was awesome and everyone was the sweetest and most patient. 
  I highly recommend Bel-Air to anyone needing come here. It was a decision my daughter and I made and one of the best I've made. 
Thank you to everyone at Bel-Air for my progress and I will never forget you guys. 
Judy H.  Former Resident Smile
January 23, 2014
My Mom had fallen several times and the time had come when she would need 24 hour care and all the other services; ie nursing,physical therapy, dietary, and general support.
The first few weeks were difficult, making adjustments, ect. Bel-Air continued to work with mom and through their flexbility and hers, she settled in very well. Mom has responded to the professionalism and kindness that truley makes a person feel at home.
The entire staff has worked with our family from day one, keeping us informed and involved. They have listen and followed up with any concerns and mom couldn't be in better hands.
Thank you for all you do. Smile
Dr.B & Bunny B.
January 15, 2014
 "Transferring Ed to Bel- Air was the best decision we could have made. He is in the hands of a friendly, caring, and highly skilled staff. As part of his healthcare team, we are able to be involved in healthcare decisions, and have found communication between the staff and family to be excellent. Open visiting hours allow us to stop in at any time, and visiting the immaculate facilities is always a pleasant experience."
 Thank you,Smile
January 02, 2014

Dear Bel-Air,
As a physical therapist and as an owner of an in-home senior care business, but most importantly as a daughter, I would like to thank all of the staff at Bel-Air for the care that has been provided to my mother as she recovers from her illness.  The nursing staff is always attentive to every resident’s needs and you can tell as they meet these needs that they care deeply about everyone and truly know them as individuals.  The therapy staff is outstanding and my mother gained strength and ability far more quickly than anyone expected.  There is great training to other staff so that they can help my mother walk when not in therapy.  My mother participates in activities and at Christmas she was even given gifts that were just perfect!  I feel that the entire team has worked tirelessly to help us reach our goal of getting my mother back home with my father and I cannot thank you all enough.  
Judy L., daughterSmile
December 11, 2013
 As a family, we were at a point where our Mom could no longer care for our Dad, this is when, as a family, we chose Bel-Air Nursing and Rehab Center. The hardest decision our Mom and our family had to make. Dad has dementia and other care needs. It took some time for our family to adjust and feel comfortable with this new experience, although soon felt quite confident  that he was being well cared for and in the right place. It has now been 1 year and we know we've made the tight decision. The overall care, attention, cleanliness of the facility, activities and food have been very good. We like the fact that Bel-Aie is a smaller home, as it feels more like home and everyone knows each other. Thank you to all the management and staff for the care that our Dad receives everyday, putting our minds at ease that he is safe and in the right place.
 Thank you,
 Ann C. B.Smile
December 8, 2013
Dear Administration,
Just wanted to send a note to Thank You and your staff for the professionalism, attention and caring you showed our Mother Doris B. during her therapy rehab visit while at Bel-Air. Not having any experience with nursing homes, we were apprehensive when told by the hospital that Mom would have to go to one for extensive rehab. From the time she arrived, the caring and treatment she received from your staff far exceeding our exceptations. Your staff always treated her with respect, dignity and compassion.
We thank you and highly recommend Bel-Air to anyone who may need Nursing Home Care.
The Family of Doris B.Smile