Short Stay Rehabilitation or Long Term Care

Returning You Quickly and Successfully to Your Life

When facing recuperation following surgery, illness or injury, you need to be confident about your choice for rehabilitative and post hospital care.  At Bel-Air our experienced, licensed professional therapists and nurses work closely with individuals, their family, and doctors to develop and implement tailored treatment plans.
Here at the Bel-Air, each treatment plan is customized for optimal outcomes, to accelerate recovery whenever possible, and with the flexibility to afford individuals progressing more slowly with the opportunity to receive extended care and therapy to facilitate a safe and successful transition to home. 
Because we believe our patients deserve the best, our skilled in house rehabilitation team provides the one-on-one therapy, instruction and education necessary for a speedy recovery.  It's a difference you'll come to expect after rehabilitating at Bel-Air!

Physical Therapy
– rehabilitation which specializes in restoring overall mobility, physical function and safety through exercises, manual therapy, education and other techniques used to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and/or balance.

Occupational Therapy – rehabilitation which specializes in achieving independence with self-care, home management skills and community reintegration.  Our occupational therapist has a perspective, in which the focus is on adapting the environment to fit the person.
Speech Therapy
– rehabilitation which specializes in the evaluation and treatment of swallowing and respiratory functions, cognitive deficits, as well as speech and language precision / communication skills, through the use of specialized testing, exercises, education and instruction

Preparing for the return home:
Preparing to return to your home starts at the time of admission. Our staff takes the time to review new and old medications, provide education regarding your medical status and the encouragement to make sure you get there.  Our staff also makes referrals and coordinates community services for continued support at home.  Even after you return to home we are still here to answer questions and support you in as you transition back home.
Pre-arrange your short stay rehabilitation care:
The Bel-Air Nursing Home offers pre-operative planning, offering your peace of mind, the opportunity to see a room, ask questions and meet the staff.
In preparing for your stay, our professional staff verifies and coordinates insurance coverage while working with hospital care managers, your physicians and family to ensure a worry free transition back to your home.
It's not just short term residents that have access to therapy services:
Whether you’re at Bel-Air Air Senior Living Apartments, the Bel-Air Nursing Home Long Term Care or a Skilled to Home Individual, you have access to our in-house licensed professional therapists should the need arise.  These therapy services may be covered by Medicare or another third party insurance and don’t worry, our business office is available to help determine and coordinate coverage.